Walton McCarthy is the President and Principle Engineer of Radius Engineering International Inc. He has designed and built over 1400 shelters using steel, concrete, wood, fiberglass, and plastic composites. Some of his contributions to the engineering and civil defense field include developing a new rating system for underground shelters to determine radiation doses inside a shelter known as the Total Rems in Sheler System or TRS, developing the Overpressure Choking Theory to negate the use of blast valves, developing fiberglass structures composed of mutiple compound curves designed to resist multiple external pressures, and developing various underground emergency escape methods. Radius Engineering Inc. (bomb-shelter.net) has become the National Leader of Underground Shelter Technology.

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U.S. Handbook of NBC Weapon Fundamentals and Shelter Engineering Design Standards Sixth Edition.



 Mr.McCarthy has released the highly anticipated 6th Edition of Principles of Protection - U.S. Handbook of NBC Fundamentals and Shelter Engineering Design Standards which is considered the "SHELTER BIBLE" for Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological effects on January 26, 2012. The 6th Edition of Principles of Protection provides updated information on myths, threats, and tabulated weapons effects. Principles of Protection has been the principle source for lay people and architects for almost 20 years.

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